Five Point Farm
Your New England Source for Shelled Corn Heating Fuel

About Five Point Farm

Picture of Mr. Llewelyn holding some shelled corn in a corn field.

The Llewelyn family purchased Five Point Farm in Northfield, MA in 1954 after many years of dairy farming in Ludlow, MA. Five Point Farm has always been focused on herd health, nutrition, high quality forage, and breed improvement.

Through the years we have built a fine, 90% registered, self-contained herd of 200 milking Holstein cows and 185 head of young stock. We have a rolling herd average of 23,400 pounds of milk.

For several years we have sold feed to neighboring farms and shelled corn as a heating fuel all across New England.

The land is and always has been in our family's lives. We have 540 acres of open and working farmland in Western Massachusetts. We are proud of our past and we are excited about our future as we continue to grow and sell our corn products as a biomass heating fuel source and a feed source for livestock.